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The Town of Dillsboro is located in Dearborn County.  US Highway 50 cuts through the municipality intersecting with Interstate 65 approximately 48 miles to the west.  Interstate 275 lies 14 miles to the east.

Dillsboro was laid out in 1830.  It was named for James Dill, a general in the War of 1812 and a local resident.

The Dillsboro post office, established in 1837, was spelled Dillsborough until 1893.

As of the 2010 census, there were 1,327 people, 520 households, and 320 families residing in the town. 

2022 Update:

Dillsboro undertook three major water projects in 2022; Water main replacements down US Hwy 50, SR 262 and Old US 50.  We also did major maintenance to one of the water towers and are replacing all of our original water meters.  We received a $700,000 Community Development Block Grant and a $1.3 million dollar grant from the State Revolving Fund.  The Town invested $900,000 to complete the projects.

Through the Indiana Department of Health, we received a $20,000 grant to develop a Pedestrian + Bicycle Master Plan.  The project was led by HWC Engineering and completed in December 2022.  This realistic and modest plan calls for continuation of sidewalks and safety upgrades to crossings and intersections, encouraging pedestrian travel throughout town to popular destinations.

In 2023, Dillsboro will continue the collaboration with INDOT to improve our US 50 Corridor and Gateways.  Right of way maintenance has begun.  The fence rows are being cleared and in many places the old fences are coming down.  This is allowing for visibility to available properties.  Plans are in place for access roads which will increase the value and accessibility to frontage properties.  Additionally, we have begun working with the LINK 101 Advisory Committee preparing for the connection from Markland Dam to US Highway 50 near Dillsboro.

2021 Economic Development Virtual Tour



pptxDillsboro Utilities Presentation - 2021 Dillsboro Economic Development Day5.7 MB

pdfWagner Property Housing Investment Overview4.84 MB

pdfGateway Corridor Master Plan (September 2020)137.36 MB



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About Dillsboro

Dillsboro is about 45 minutes west of Cincinnati, Ohio, offering rural living with access to the services of larger metropolitan areas.

Come and enjoy our friendly residents, businesses and visit one of the best parks in the area.

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