Dillsboro Community Partnership Elects New Officers for 2018

The Dillsboro Community Partnership has just completed its first full year as a 501c3 non- profit.

We sponsored four events, received five grants, and logged in thousands of volunteer hours. Most recently we are sponsoring the Dillsboro Arts, located in the Friendship Gallery, until such time as they complete their organizational efforts and receive their non-profit status. We will continue collaborating with the Dillsboro Civic Club, Northcutt-Laaker American Legion, Dillsboro Elementary School and all other community businesses and organizations.

Officers for the new year

Chairman - Tom Deville
Vice-Chairman - David Fryman
Secretary - Jewel Garrison
Treasurer - Julie Mathias
Additional Board Members include: Conrad Gerdes, Mary Lou Powers, Verneda Wendellman, Tom Wafford, and Paul Filter.

The next meeting of the DCP will be held Monday, January 28, 2018. We encourage representation from all organizations, and members of the faith community. Sharing of dates and activities will allow for further collaboration of events. In order to grow these activities and in turn, our community, we need to open this line of communication. In this way we can support each other.

Tom DeVille, Woody Fryman and Karen O’Neal will be visiting our businesses in the next month to survey their wants and needs. It has been a busy and exciting year.

May 2018 bring many more successes.

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